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Why Businesses Must Embrace BYOD and Social Media.

Of late there is much talk of the insecurity that BYOD brings to the enterprise trying to incorporate BYOD into the enterprise environment.  What there is less talk about is the ability for BYOD to greatly enhance employee productivity and the great benefit enhanced productivity and increased employee morale can have on creativity and efficiency. 

Smart-phones and tablet devices are making users much more productive. The reasons for this may not be clear at first glance. Certainly we are more connected as a result. The additional “connection time” to the internet itself may be a large part of our increased effectiveness in finding solutions for tasks we are given. It is also quite possible that the targeted niche applications available on smart devices are responsible for delivering a very targeted solution to very targeted needs.

So while there are such discussions about the decision to whether to implement BYOD policy or not, that question should already have been answered.  The question instead should be one of how best to implement a BYOD blueprint that ensures security while providing flexibility.   BYOD is here to stay.   Bold steps must be taken to embrace the the technology.  

BYOD helps implement strategy that can take advantage of the biggest benefit of using social media as a tool for enhanced decision making.   Many of us have learned to use social media for near instant feedback on otherwise difficult business decisions. Social media business associates are typically a variety of trusted perspectives of others with similar backgrounds but perhaps different experiences. The near instant feedback from this source of trusted set of “friends” can be one of tremendous value. Many perspectives can offer many solutions to difficult issues. BYOD devices have encouraged this collective decision process by the additional usage of personal devices as part of a generalized pattern of work flow efficiency. 

Collective decisions are likely always better made decisions.  The combined experience and varied perspectives usually cover many more potential issues in advance.  And this is the exact reason businesses need to harness the benefit that social media can present and allow employees to use the tools that they are most comfortable with to access the world of allowing us to improve our decisions with the help of our friends.


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